Our Patriot Ancestors

Listed on this page are the patriot ancestors of the current members of Cache la Poudre Chapter NSDAR. Revolutionary War patriots include signers of the Declaration of Independence, members of local and state militias, members of the Continental Army or Continental Navy, men and women who rendered other types of aid to the cause of independence, and those taking oaths of loyalty. Other included patriots are: foreign soldiers who served the cause of American independence and Spanish soldiers serving in the presidios at Santa Fe, El Paso, and New Orleans. With a few exceptions, military service began with the Battle of Lexington (19 April 1775) and ended when the British evacuated New York (26 November 1783). Patriots may have also provided civil service, conducting public business in the newly formed American states.

If you have information that one of your ancestors may have aided the cause of freedom during the American Revolution, we may be able to help you establish your genealogical line for DAR membership. If you are interested in documenting your lineage and joining our chapter, or have any questions, please visit our Join Us page or send us a message using our Contact Us page.

Name Location of Service Service Description
George Adams South Carolina Private, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Sarah Proctor Adams South Carolina Patriotic Service
Timothy Adams Connecticut Private
Hudson Allen Virginia Captain
William Allgood Georgia Private, Patriotic Service
Moses Barrows North Carolina Private
Baltzer Bock Pennsylvania Patriotic Service
Jeremiah Boone Virginia Private
Cornelius Boyce New Jersey Ensign
Samuel Bradford Maryland Private
John Carpenter Virginia Non-commissioned Officer
Jacob Clark Massachusetts Sergeant, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Elizabeth Clement Virginia Patriotic Service
Roger Clement North Carolina & Virginia Private
Hezekiah Cooksey Maryland Private
Zaccaeus Corley South Carolina Private
James Crutcher Virginia Corporal
Timothy Culver Connecticut Sergeant
Abraham De Forest New Jersey Ensign
Elizabeth Alexander Duncan Virginia Patriotic Service
John Duncan South Carolina Soldier, Civil Service
Andrew Englis Massachusetts Captain
Peter Ferebee North Carolina Patriotic Service
George Finley Pennsylvania Private
Andrew Fontaine Maryland Captain, Patriotic Service
Arthur Fort Georgia Soldier, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Isaac Gates New Hampshire Private, Patriotic Service
Jabez Gerould Massachusetts Non-commissioned Officer
James Gignilliat South Carolina Civil Service
Mary Magdalen Dupre Gignilliat South Carolina Patriotic Service
Alexander Gilreath North Carolina Sergeant
David Gross North Carolina Private
Samuel Hale New Hampshire Civil Service
Joseph Hancock Massachusetts Private
Wilmoth George Harding Virginia Patriotic Service
Daniel Harper Maryland & Pennsylvania Staff Officer
George Harris New Hampshire Civil Service
Daniel Hawley New York Soldier
Sherwood Holcomb South Carolina Private
Martin Hoover Pennsylvania Private
William Horton South Carolina Civil Service
Seth Huddleston Massachusetts Private
John Hunter Virginia Patriotic Service
John Gabriel Jones Virginia Patriotic Service
George Kesling Pennsylvania Private
Jacob Kline Pennsylvania Private
John Knox Massachusetts Civil Service, Patriotic Service
William Knox Massachusetts Private
Eleazer Larrabee Vermont & New Hampshire Private
Alexander Le Grande Virginia Patriotic Service
Abijah Learned New Hampshire & Massachusetts Private
Patrick Logan North Carolina Patriotic Service
William Lucas Virginia Patriotic Service
John Lynch North Carolina Civil Service, Patriotic Service
William Lynch Virginia Patriotic Service
Matthew Lyon Vermont Captain, Civil Service, Patriotic Service
William H. Mathers Georgia Private, Patriotic Service
Joseph McAdams North Carolina Private
James McElroy New York Private
Samuel McGaughey North Carolina Captain
James McLaughlin Virginia Private
James Morgan North Carolina Patriotic Service
Perminter Morgan North Carolina Patriotic Service
Christian Mosey Pennsylvania Private
James Nephew Georgia Soldier
James Nesbitt Connecticut Private, Civil Service
Thomas Nevins, Jr. New Hampshire Private
Waitstill Orvis Vermont Ensign
John Ownbey North Carolina Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Thomas Park Connecticut Corporal
Michael Raysor South Carolina Soldier
Richard Richardson Virginia Private
Benjamin Risher South Carolina Soldier
Josiah Rising Connecticut Corporal
Timothy Rossiter Massachusetts Doctor
Jonathan Rouse New York Private
George Roush Virginia Private
Jacob Schuyler New Jersey Major
Thomas Shannon Georgia Patriotic Service
James Shelburn Virginia Patriotic Service
Frederick Shores North Carolina Patriotic Service
Andrew Spear North Carolina Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Robert Spear North Carolina Patriotic Service
John St John Connecticut Captain
William Stewart South Carolina Soldier
Nathan Thompson Massachusetts Private
John Trott Massachusetts Sergeant
Luther Trowbridge Massachusetts Captain
Abraham Van Keuren, Sr. New York Patriotic Service
Gabriel Walker Pennsylvania Private, Patriotic Service
Alexander Wells Maryland Captain, Patriotic Service
William West Georgia Civil Service, Patriotic Service
Cornelius Westervelt New York Private, Patriotic Service
Jacob Willis North Carolina Private
Cornelius Wilson Virginia Non-commissioned Officer
Silas Wolcott Pennsylvania Private
as of May 21, 2019