Historic Markers

Cache la Poudre Marker

This marker was dedicated on Colorado Day, August 1, 1910. It was placed on the county road, north of the depression indicating the pit where trappers’ powder cache had been made.

Antoine Janis Cabin Marker, October 1916

The marker was dedicated April 23, 1975. Built in Laporte on a squatter’s claim in 1844, it was the first homestead in Larimer County on May 1, 1866. It was moved to its current location in 1938.

Antoine Janis Marker

Antoine Janis first came to Larimer County in 1836 as a boy of 12 with his father who was leading a large party of French trappers and employees of the American Fur Company to Green River, Wyoming. In 1844, Janis returned to the Cache La Poudre Valley and was given many acres of valley land by his friend, Bold Wolf, a chief of the Arapahoes.

Overland Stage Station Marker

In 1862, a log house was used as a station house for the Overland Station Company. This monument marks the site of the Overland Stage Station destroyed by fire January 8, 1928. Remarked 1962. October 17, 1916.

Auntie Stone Cabin Marker

August 1, 1925

Council Tree of Chief Friday of the Arapahoes Marker

The location of the Council Tree is now under water. January, 1938.

Susan Howe Holmes Grave Marker

Inscription Susan Howe Daughter of a revolutionary soldier. May 3, 1932.

First Grist Mill Marker

In 1886 and again in 1895, the mill was destroyed by fire and rebuilt each time. It is now owned by Ranch-Way Feeds and is Fort Collins’ oldest industry. July 3, 1975.

Log Cabin Site Marker

Site of log cabin Colorado 1888-1942, a stage station, post office and hotel, located on the route from Fort Collins, by way of Pingree Hill. August 6, 1983.

Adams Cemetery Restoration

Adams Cemetery is the only remaining reminder of the old Adams post office, store, and stage stop once located in a draw about 1 1/2 miles east of the cemetery. September 6, 1986.

Bingham Hill Cemetery Marker

Bingham Hill is the oldest cemetery in northern Larimer County. It was given to the community by John Provost and Benjamin Claymore in 1866. June 11, 1988.

Sam Deon-Eliza Gardner Cabin Marker

The cabin, the oldest still standing in Laporte, was built by Sam Deon (Dion/Deone/Deonne) in 1858 as a home and saloon. He was a French-Canadian trapper from Montreal who was one of the founders of the village of Colona (now Laporte) in the valley of the Cache la Poudre River. August 26, 1989.

Cherokee Stage Station Marker

This station was a swing station (team changes only) on Ben Holladay’s Overland Stage Line, later Holladay Overland Mail and Express Company. It was a branch route from Denver City to Great Salt Lake City via Laporte, Virginia Dale, North Platte, Bridger’s Pass, and Fort Bridger. November 18, 1989.

Flowers’ House Marker

The Flowers family came to Colorado in 1873. Flowers bought parcels of land in Pleasant Valley and began constructing houses. In 1880, he built the stone house he was to live in the rest of his life, a store and post office, as well as a three-story stone grain mill, roads, a baseball diamond, a race track, and a park. In 1887 he platted the Town of Bellevue. July 21, 1990.

Old Flowers Store and Post Office

The building, which now serves as the hall of the Cache la Poudre Grange 456, was built by Jacob Rowers, founder of Bellvue, about 1884. It was built of the local red sandstone, as were many other buildings in the area, to be used as a store, and–as was usual in rural areas–as the post office. Jacob Flowers was the first postmaster. July 21, 1990.

Grandview Cemetery Marker

The founding chapter Daughters memorialized are proof that women have always made a difference in the community. It’s important for the women of today to realize what vital lives the women led back then. July 4, 1992.

Virginia Dale Overland Trail Stage Station

In summer 1862, Ben Holladay routed the stage line into northern Colorado along the South Platte and Cache la Poudre Rivers. He renamed the line the Overland Stage Line. The Larimer County route closely followed the Cherokee party trail of 1848-1849. July 15, 1996.

Overland Park Station, September 1, 1998

The Park Creek Station, built by Ben Holladay on the banks of Park Creek, was unique along this stretch of the trail in that it had a tunnel dug from the station to the barn which served as a refuge during attacks.

100th Anniversary Marker, Grandview Cemetery, April 21, 2008

The marker was placed to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Cache la Poudre Chapter, NSDAR, and to honor the founding members of our chapter who are buried at Grandview Cemetery.

First School House in Larimer County

The Pioneer Cabin (“Auntie” Stone’s Cabin) was the first citizen’s dwelling in Fort Collins, as well as the first hotel and the first school. It is the one remaining structure dating to 1864 when soldiers were stationed at Fort Collins.

Overland Stage and Express Marker, 1917

A branch of the Overland Stage Line (later called the Holladay Overland Mail and Express Company) ran from Denver to Salt Lake City and west via Laporte, Virginia Dale, North Platte, Bridger’s Pass, and Fort Bridger. From Laporte it followed closely present-day US-287.

Chapter Projects

George Washington Tree in City Park Marker

May 3, 1932

A Room of Remembrance, Fort Collins Public Library


Olive Brown Ludlow Painting Lincoln Center


Re-publication of Ansel Watraus History of Larimer County